Who We Are

We are Daniela and Jeremy, two married lawyers in our 30s from the East Coast. We love exploring new places together, and have traveled to to three different continents together so far. Our favorite things to do in foreign countries include exploring interesting neighborhoods, food tours, and road trips.

What We're Doing

In April of 2019 we are quitting our jobs, packing up all of our belongings into a storage unit, and bidding farewell to our friends and family in the U.S. to travel in Asia. We are either getting rid of our material possessions or putting them into storage, and renting out our apartment for the year while we’re abroad. We have a one-way ticket to Asia at the beginning of May, and we plan to wing it after that!

Where We're Going

Right now we’re planning on starting our travels in Hanoi, Vietnam. Our goal is to visit Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos after Vietnam. From there, we don’t know yet where we’ll end up! We may travel to New Zealand, or go west to India and Nepal. We’re open to suggestions!

Why We're Doing This

We both caught the travel bug at young ages, when Daniela lived in Europe during her childhood and Jeremy traveled abroad with his dad on business trips. Since then, we’ve developed our sense of adventure together, visiting several countries over the past four years, including spending three weeks in Italy on our honeymoon. When that trip didn’t quench our thirst for adventure, we realized that we might enjoy longer-term travel and started thinking more seriously about taking a sabbatical.